Release Notes V2

What you need to know:

  • V2 will bring increased stability and resilience and fewer potential for any bugs entering the system.
  • V2 will be faster.
  • We will be transitioning all Savvy clients hopefully on Saturday night 5th March.
  • Any appointments you have in the system pre V2 will remain as V1 appointments so will still look as they always have in the calendar, with a slideout from the RHS of the screen.
  • All appointments made post V2 launch will be made with the new V2 functionality.
  • Copy and paste will not be enabled for existing V1 appointments as we do not want any more V1 appointments being made in the system. It will work for all V2 appointments, along with the new functionality of move and paste and drag and drop.
  • Repeat appointments will not be available for a few weeks, whilst we implement the new style of V2 repeats. So please make any repeats  (if you urgently need to) pre Saturday afternoon, although it would be preferable to wait to make all new appointments using V2.
  • A new Groomers APP will be available to use and downloadable from the App store or Google Play. This is in final stages of testing and release notes will be available when it is ready.

What is changing in V2:

  • In V2 some aspects of the system that were previously soft coded will now be hard coded making it stronger and more resilient.
  • Appointments storage has been simplified, preventing any potential metadata inconsistencies, resulting in fewer anomalies and a much faster system.
  • Pet Screens and Customer Screens have had a facelift and have been modernised.
  • “Creating appointments” has been simplified and modernised.
  • Contracts can now be managed completely from create appointment screens
  • Check in forms can now be managed completely from create appointment screens
  • Drag and drop appointments and move appointments have been added
  • Deceased handling has been added.
  • Payout reports have been added in payment settings for Savvy Pay users.

Do I need to set anything up to use Savvy V2?

Yes, there are certain features you can now configure in your Savvy to have V2 work just how you like it…

  • You can choose to either default to a “Quick Create Appointment” view or an expanded view:

If you choose the simple view, you can toggle to the expanded view with the diagonal arrow top right.

This view is simple and fast with minimal input needed.

If you go for the expanded view below, you are able to make multipet and multi service appointments and everything you might need to add in is easily accessible.

  • In the same way, when you view appointments by clicking into the calendar, you can choose a quick view or an expanded view. You set the quick and expanded options for create and for view via  the set up wizard step 9 or 10 – Appointment Config.:
  • You can choose when making multipet or multi service appointments if you would like either to set the times individually for both services / dogs (ideal if both dogs are done by different people at the same time for example)  or if you are happy for Savvy to add up the durations of the service and put one after the other in the calendar. 

Go to the magic wand (top right) and go to step 9 or 10 depending on your Savvy –  “Appointment Config” in here at the bottom and select “Specify Start and End time on Individual Service”

If you choose to not to specify start and end times for each service, it will look like this when you make an appointment – 2 services, one overall time:

If you decide to be able to set individual times for every service or pet, it will look like this when you make an appointment – 2 services both with individual times and an overall appointment time calculated underneath.

  • With V3 when you make an appointment you can set your default payment options, you have 3 choices:
  1. To take no payment upon booking
  2. To set a default deposit amount  for when you manually create appointments and send out a deposit request
  3. To mark the appointment as part of the clients payment plan.

To set these options go to the set up wizard step 9 or 10 Appointment Config and set your default payment option:

Setting this default will mean that when you create the appointment it automatically populates that default option when you are creating an appointment. 

You do have the option to amend this whilst creating the appointment if you would like to for example remove the deposit request for a regular client. The view in the create appointment screen is shown below:

How do I use the new features in Savvy V2

Create Appointment

  • To create an appointment in Savvy V2 double click into the calendar
  • To search for your pet you can now use the new V2 elastic search which means you can search for your pet via the pets name, the customers first and last name or by the breed of the dog. Start typing the first few letters of any of those options in the “Select Pet” box:

Quick Create Appointment View

Expanded Create Appointment View

  • Once the details of the appointment are all complete you can choose to either create the appointment as a “tentative” appointment, which means it will go into your calendar as “created” or you can choosed “confirmed” and this will change the status to confirmed and send out the confirmed message if you have one set. 
  • If you have a default deposit request set a deposit request email will be sent to the client too.

Creating Multipet Appointments

  • To create a multipet appointment use expanded view (if you have defaulted to quick view click the diagonal arrow top right as shown above).
  • Start typing and select pet one, then do the same for pet 2. 
  • Searching for the owner can speed up the process of finding pets from multipet families.
  • Individual boxes will appear below to add in service details etc for both pets.
  • Multipet appointments have to be pets from the same family, an error message will pop up if you try to create one appointment with 2 pets from different households.

Once created, if you click into the appointment you will be able to click and drag left and right to flip between dogs to see their appointment details:

Creating Multi-Service Appointment

  • To create a multi-service appointment use expanded view (if you have defaulted to quick view click the diagonal arrow top right).
  • If one dog is booked for more than one appointment, add the pet as shown above and then in the pet box far right click the blue circle with the plus in it, this will allow you to add a second service.
  • The pets box will expand with the second service. You can remove one by clicking the pink x on the right hand side if added in error.

Grooming Notes

  • When you click into an appointment in the calendar, grooming notes can be read in both quick and expanded views bottom left.
  • Edit those notes by clicking on the yellow ‘notes’  lozenge and it will open in an editable format, click the yellow lozenge again to save the notes and they will display the new notes. 
  • If there are no notes, a “no notes” message will display.

In V2 you also have the ability to add notes at the point of creating the appointment:

  • As with V1, appointment notes added in these boxes will form your history. History can be accessed in the expanded appointment view. Click on an appointment, open in expanded view and click the history tab at the top:

History will display a list of all the appointments, notes and a link to previous invoices.


  • Contracts are now more accessible from the expanded view appointment screens.
  • Click the contract tab at the top.
  • In here you will see a list of all your contracts for that client / pet, labelled with the contract name and the date created, you will also be able to see if the contract has been signed. You can also add a new contract for that client.
  • If you click into a contract, it will give you the options to send or sign in person the contract. So if a client arrives it will now be much easier to see if they have signed their contract and if not have them sign it in person.

Check in Forms

  • Check in forms are now also accessible from the expanded view appointment screen.
  • Click into the appointment and choose the check in tab
  • You can also see the named forms that have been created for the client, see if it has been completed and view the responses.
  • You can send out your check in forms from this screen.
  • In here you can add new check in forms from your selection of pre-programmed forms in settings.


  • Flags are now visible from the expanded view of the appointment. 
  • Flags, number of complete/cancelled apts etc are all visible from the right hand side of the screen.

It will be possible to add flags from the appointment screen and you can also add flags from the pets profile etc as with V1

You can access (and edit) the pets profile directly by clicking the pets name or the icon next to the pets name on the appointment screen.


V2 has a new option for rebooking clients back in. Both the quick and the expanded screens have this option bottom right:

If you click on this option it will automatically open out a create appointment screen with all the same details as the original appointment. 

You will need to click on the appointment date section which has a calendar, to select the date.

An automatic conflict check will tell you if your new appointment date and time will clash with any other appointments.

Move and Paste and Drag and Drop

  • In addition to the V1 ability to copy and paste appointments, you will also be able to “move and paste” appointments and also to drag and drop appointments from the calendar.
  • As with copy and paste, to move, right click, select move and then choose where you want the appointment to move to in the calendar, click in that space and the appointment will be removed from its original time and deposited in the new time.
  • To drag and drop, click and hold on the appointment in the calendar, drag it to the new position and then release to drop.

Workflow/Appointment Message Buttons

  • The very popular “message/workflow” buttons are now shown top right in both the quick and expanded views of the appointments.
  • As with V1, these buttons will both send out messages if you have them pre programmed in settings – messaging – appointment messages and they can also change the colour and status of the appointment if you have colours set in the appointment messages section and have chosen to use workflow colours in your calendar settings.
  • The new look workflow status/messaging is now a lozenge shape top right, so you can now see at all times the status of the appointment (what status was clicked last). The colour of that lozenge is the same as the colours you have assigned to that status in your settings.

To change the status and send your appointment message (or change the colour if set), click the drop down and select the new status. A message will appear to confirm that you are happy to send out the associated message.

New Look Pets & Customer Profiles

  • Both customer and pet profiles have had a facelift. All the info you are used to accessing is still available. New customer screens will be released next week.
  • Pet screens can be reached using the elastic search in the search bar at the top of your Savvy screen, by searching for pets names, owner names and breeds.

Pet screens can be edited with the new edit button top right. Click Submit top right once edited. 

Deceased Handling

  • Savvy V2 Now has the ability to manage pets that pass over the rainbow bridge.
  • Go to your pets profile by searching for the pet or via the pets’ appointment and clicking the pets name.
  • The pet will show as active.
  • Click top right to edit the pet.
  • Select mark as deceased.
  • Click Submit top right
  • A window will open asking you to select what you would like to do with future communications for that client and future appointments for that pet”
  • When you go back to that pets profile they will now show as deceased.


  • Notifications now look different when they appear top right, we also now have the ability to close all notifications in one go by clicking the x top right of the notifications box.

Savvy Pay Payout Report

  • If you are currently signed up and using Savvy Pay go to settings – payments – payments received
  • On the far right is a new payout report
  • This report details your total daily payouts, amounts pending and if you click into the payouts it will breakdown each transaction so that you can see which transactions are covered by which payouts.
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